For all program streams, registration must be completed online before the first class. The equipment replacement fee and chocolate bar fundraiser are due at the time of registration. Accepted forms of payment include credit card and echeck, and can be paid in full or by set installments, depending on the class. Specific fees for each level are available on their respective program pages. For more information, please contact the office directly.

Other important information:

  • Please make all cheques payable to Springers Gymnastics
  • A $20.00 service fee will be added to all non-sufficient funds (NSF) returned cheques
  • All fees include a Manitoba Gymnastics Association fee, which varies depending on stream and level
  • All members are subject to a $25 equipment replacement fee
  • All fundraising fees are non-refundable


Fundraising is a very important part in running a healthy, financially stable club. As a non-profit organization, Springers Gymnastics relies heavily on the fundraising efforts of its members.

Mandatory fundraising

All members of the club are expected to take part in fundraising efforts. Monies collected are allocated towards the purchase and repair of gym equipment and building.

All members are required to purchase chocolate bars and the majority of program participants are required to buy raffle tickets. Daytime, Parents & Me and Pre-schoolers are excluded from raffle tickets.

Raffle tickets

One of Springers’ major fundraising efforts is an annual raffle, held each May. Past incredible prizes have included trip packages, restaurant, clothing and attraction gift cards and cash gifts. Every class level has a fundraising fee associated with it. Raffle tickets in that amount will be issued to parents each March. Once distributed, parents may:

  • Sell them and recover the fundraising fee
  • Fill them out personally and hand them in, hoping to win the prize

Chocolate bars

The chocolate bar fundraiser is $60 to participate and consists of a box of chocolate bars which can be sold to make your $60 back. If you choose not to participate in the chocolate bar fundraiser you must pay the profit of $35. Chocolate bar fees are paid once per year per class. Boxes are distributed during the first month of classes.

Volunteer Hours

Each stream of KIPS & Competitive has mandatory volunteer hours designed to build strong camaraderie among gymnasts and families while helping to grow the club and keep costs down. All families will be required to submit payment for the total amount of their level's volunteer hours at registration. When the prescribed hours are fulfilled by June, your cheque will be destroyed or payment will be cancelled. If your hours are not fulfilled, families will be charged at $20 per hour. An up-to-date record of volunteer hours is kept in the gym's office for your reference. Volunteer opportunities will be posted in the lobby area.

Optional Fundraising

In addition to the mandatory fundraisers, optional fundraising is offered throughout the year to those in the competitive program, including Regional Stream, JO Stream & National Stream. Monies raised through these fundraisers are able to be applied directly to a child’s individual travel fund to cover costs like airfare, hotel, vehicle rental or other competitive costs, like required bodysuits or entry fees to competitions.

Parents can request these funds as the need arises, simply by filling out the applicable form through the gym office. After a form is completed, the funds will be withdrawn from your child’s account and transferred to pay for required costs.

If this money is not used in one year, it can be carried over into the next.

Please note: If a gymnast leaves the club, the money they raised will be allocated to the general travel fund.

Sobeys Gift Cards

Sobeys gift cards are also available throughout the year in $50 or $100 denominations. While this is not a mandatory effort, this is a great fundraising opportunity for Springers with all proceeds going towards new equipment, which will benefit all athletes.