The CanGym National Badge Program is Gymnastics Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation Program for Artistic Gymnastics. The CanGym Badge Program allows participants, coaches and parents to monitor progress in addition to being used as a motivational tool.

As described by Gymnastics Canada, the CanGym Program includes three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) of skill progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s fun, fitness and fundamentals educational philosophy, which helps to create a friendly and stimulating environment for all participants.

Each level consists of four badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that badge. Within the Bronze level, there is a focus on mastering fundamental movement patterns. Within the Silver level, the focus is on mastering fundamental skills on artistic apparatus, while the Gold level focuses on mastering the identified target.

Each badge level contains 20 skills, selected to help participants move smoothly from one level to the next.



The Bronze level (Mini Gym, Advanced Mini Gym, Intro and Junior Springers 1) develops the movement patterns that must be mastered to successfully perform all future gymnastics skills, regardless of their level of complexity.



The Silver level (Junior Springers 2 and Junior Springers 3) are broken down into men's and women's apparatus specific skills. Silver level skills are more advanced, using the basics taught in the Bronze level to further their skill development. Silver level gymnasts are also required to put skills into mini routines.



The Gold level is taught to those students in the Junior Springers 3 and Junior Springers 4 classes that have passed their Silver level skills and routines. The Gold level introduces more difficult skill content, athletes may progress through these levels at a faster rate depending on their physical, motor and cognitive abilities.

For more information on the CanGym National Badge Program, visit the Gymnastics Canada website or contact us.