Week 1 ~ July 3-7 – Jungle Safari!

 From animal crafts to sarfari games, your child will feel like they spent a week in the jungle learning to leap and bounce!



Week 2 ~ July 10-14 – Harry Potter Week!

 At Harry Potter Camp, the Sorting Hat will assign campers to 'houses' and the week will be filled with wand-making, a Sorcerer’s Stone challenge, a Horcrux scavenger hunt, and much more.


Week 3 ~ July 17-21 – Superheroes! 

Leaping tall buildings in a single bound takes some practice!  Come join us for Superhero training camp where athletes will learn to fly, roll, tumble and bounce faster than a speeding bullet before changing back into the secret identity to go home at the end of the day!  No previous superhero experience required! 



Week 4 ~ July 24-28 – At the Circus!

Gymnasts learn circus fun and become the greatest showman! We will walk on the balance beams like a tightrope and make a giant parachute tent!


Week 5 ~ July 31-August 4 - Disney!

Campers will have magical Disney adventure! We will do movie themed crafts, team castle building, and much more!


 Week 6 ~ August 8-11 – Secret Spy Week!

Watch out! Let your gymnasts learn super stealthy skills & stunts. We will build mazes and fun obstacle courses!


Week 7 ~ August 14-18 – At the Olympics!

 Follow in the footsteps of Olympians as campers try their hand at different gymnastics skills and go for the gold!



Week 8 ~ August 21-25 – Beach Week! 

Summer is not complete without all the water fun a kid can stand! When we aren’t doing gymnastics there will be tons of fun keeping cool with all of our favourite water games and activities!