A personal cohort designed for family members and friends.

Springers is excited to offer Cohort Classes!

Get organized with 3-12 children in your personal cohort, and have a class designed around you. This is a great opportunity for children to enjoy the benefits of a structured class with their family and friends. You will have the entire gym to yourselves during your class. Parents are welcome to come into the gym, or sit upstairs in the viewing area and have some quiet time. All levels welcome, from the age of 3 and up. To optimize the class we recommend participants are all of a similar age.

All adults who are 18+ must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination to enter the facility

Cost: $24 per class per child

Manitoba Gymnastics Fee (MGA): No fee for members, MGA fee of $44.30 applied to non-members after 5 classes

Cohort size:  3 - 12 participants depending on the day

Cohort Class fee:  $24 per participant per class

Cohort Class times:

Monday - 2:15 pm

Wednesday - 11: 30 am & 2:15 pm 

Thursday - 10:30 am & 12:15 pm

Fees WILL NOT be refunded unless you notify the office a minimum of ONE WEEK PRIOR to your scheduled cohort class.

Registration for these classes is done online