At a Glance

Class Duration: 120 minutes

Age Range: 7+

Gender: Girls

Class Times: Evenings , Weekends


Junior Springers 2 (JS2) is an intermediate level class that continues skill development on vault, bars beam and floor. Gymnasts must have completed the Bronze Level of the CanGym Program to participate in this class. This class consists of two levels where participants are working to achieve both their purple and blue badges.

JS2 is the beginning of the Silver Level of the CanGym Program, apparatus specific skills are a major focus of this class. Silver level skills are more advanced, using the basics taught in the Bronze Level to further athletes' development. Silver Level gymnasts are also required to put skills into mini routines. 

Class times:
Wednesday 4:30pm & 6:45pm

Saturday 9:30am & 11:00am

Costs & Payment Options

Class Fee

Yearly : $984

Additional Costs

Gold Card Discount Card – $60

Equipment Replacement Fee – $25

Fundraising Fee (Raffle) – $100

MGA Fee – $43.80

Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan Available