At a Glance

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Age Range: 4 to 5

Gender: Girls and Boys

Class Times: Daytime , Evenings , Weekends


This one-hour class is designed for the advancing gymnast who is ready to start working toward achieving the Red Level of the CanGym Program.

Developing the concepts of agility, balance, coordination and spatial orientation through swings, springs, landings, locomotions, stationary positions and rotations will be a major focus of this class.

As part of the CanGym Bronze Level, this class develops the movement patterns that must be mastered to successfully perform all future gymnastics skills, regardless of their level of complexity.

Daytime Program class times:
Monday 2:15  Wednesday 2:15 Thursday 9:30

Fall Session: September 10 - December 22

Winter Session: January 7 - March 23

Spring Session: April 1 - June 15

Recreational Program class times: (Sept to June)
Thursday 5:30 Saturday 10:00, 12:00


Costs & Payment Options

Class Fee

Fall Session : $246

Winter Session : $195

Spring Session : $180

Yearly : $578

Additional Costs

Chocolate Fundraising Fee – $35 or $60

Equipment Replacement Fee – $25

Fundraising Fee (Raffle) – $50

Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan Available

Costs include Manitoba Gymnastics Association Fee

Note: Yearly cost only applies when registering for evenings and weekends. Raffle fundraising fee only applies to evening/weekend yearly classes. Daytime classes use the season costs. Monthly payment plan is only available when doing the yearly program not the sessional program.