At a Glance

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Age Range: 6+

Gender: Girls

Class Times: Evenings , Weekends


Junior Springers 1 (JS1) is the next step for the developing gymnast who has completed Intro Elementary or Intro Junior and achieved the Tan Level in the CanGym Program.

JS1 works on the final badge in the Bronze Level, which is centred on the six fundamental movement patterns of artistic gymnastics. Gymnasts continue to work on basics to be able to further their gymnastics skills in the Junior Springers 2 and Junior Springers 3 levels.

JS1 athletes will continue to progress on all four events. They will also work on flexibility, body positions as well as being introduced to a more intense strengthening program.  

Class times:
Monday 6:30pm

Tuesday 4:00pm & 7:00pm

Wednesday 6:30pm

Saturday 12:00pm & 12:45pm.

Costs & Payment Options

Class Fee

Yearly : $879

Additional Costs

Gold Card Discount Card – $60

Equipment Replacement Fee – $25

Fundraising Fee (Raffle) – $100

MGA Fee – $43.80

Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan Available